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Since 1995, Flavors & Fragrance, Chemical, and Process Industry executives have been choosing ProcessWareTM ERP to increase productivity and profits through a unique combination of software and services. The core Management Team provides a full range of Installation, Implementation, and Training services from a background of over 60 years of industry experience. Clients benefit from a local sales and service network with offices in North America, South Asia, South East Asia, and the Far East.

Customers use the ProcessWareTM ERP product for solid distribution and manufacturing-focused business management such as pre-sales research & development (R&D), product profitability tracking, production schedule optimization, and sales cycle management. Users gain quality improvement, increased revenues, and lower supplier costs.

Regulatory compliance is extremely complex in the Fragrance & Flavor industry. Based on how a product is used, countries may have different standards and requirements. Throughout the entire production and sales process from pre-sales through shipping, ProcessWareTM ERP automatically manages regulation requirements such as SDS, GHS, Ingredient Declarations, IFRA Dosage reports, Flavor Natural/Identical, Kosher, and Halal and ensures that your products and processes comply with the handling standards from country to country.

ProcessWareTM maintains relationships with leading Flavors & Fragrance organizations, such as IFRA, WFFC, and NAFFS in North America and FAFAI in India, to keep up with changing regulations and business trends. Today’s Flavors & Fragrance SME’s get the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry from our extensive background, knowledge, and expertise.

Our latest offering – Creative Control Panel by ProcessWareTM, is specifically designed for the R&D and Project Management needs of the Flavors & Fragrance industry. The entire product life cycle is covered from creation and development of fragrances or flavors, evaluation, detailed customer project tracking, to submission and sampling.

ProcessWareTM ERP improves your company’s bottom line without breaking the bank!

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